Dr Englund

He Graduated in 1975 from University New South Wales.

From 1975-1982 he worked at St Vincent’s Hospital.

In 1983, he headed over to England and worked in Cheltenham Hospital in Yorkshire.

After this, he headed to work at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee as a research fellow hypertension and vascular surgery.

In 1986, he came back to Australia and went to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane as a fellow in vascular surgery and renal transplant.

1987, he returned to Sydney and worked at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for one year as the fellow in vascular surgery and renal transplantation.

From 1987-2008, he worked at St George Public Hospital as a general and vascular surgeon. He also did renal transplants.

After finishing up at St George Public Hospital he went over to Prince of Wales Hospital to be the head of the renal transplant team. He finished up there in 2014.

In 1996, he became accredited at St George Private Hospital and is still there currently.

He currently has appointments at St George Private Hospital, Prince of Wales Private Hospital and Kareena Private Hospital.

His current practice is located in the St George Private Hospital.

This practice is also an accredited imaging practice.

Blood Flow studies are also performed in the rooms.

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Dr Englund

Why Dr Englund?

Why Dr Englund

  • He is knowledgeable with 38 Years experience, compassionate and easy to talk to

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